About me

I caught fire in the clouds!

My journey, which started as an Associate Software Engineer at Diebold Nixdorf and evolved into my current role as a Cloud Application Engineer at Toyota Tsusho Systems, has been marked by an insatiable passion for turning code into cloud-powered innovations using AWS. This transition ignited my creativity and problem-solving skills, allowing me to break and improve code while harnessing the full potential of cloud technologies.

Along the way, I've had the privilege of gaining diverse experiences, from being a Trainee Intern at VerSe Innovation to delving into Artificial Intelligence at Pantech Solutions and Internet of Things at Softura. These internships, alongside my role at Embdes Tech in Embedded Software Development, have enriched my skill set and deepened my understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

My journey is adorned with noteworthy achievements, including winning the best paper award at the International Conference Emerging Trends in Technology Science and Education. I've also demonstrated my expertise by securing AIR 102 in India's Super Brain competition, which encompassed Web Development, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and DBMS. Being recognized as one of the top 50 Technical Bloggers at Hashnode is a testament to my commitment to knowledge sharing.

I'm particularly proud of founding and nurturing the first successful Google Developer Students Club at SLRTCE, which has hosted over 20 events and grown to 650+ members across India. My dedication to continuous learning is reflected in my certifications in Java Full Stack Development, Python for Everybody, Bolt IoT, ML Training, and more.

Explore my work or get in touch as we soar above traditional infrastructure, transforming the skies with innovation.