About me

Hi There 👋, I'm Sai Ashish 🙋🏻‍♂️

I am a leader at heart, with a curious mind, a knack for technology, and a passion for coding 💻

While technology seemed like magic to me, I became curious to sneak a peek behind the curtains, and voila! A bitstream of beautifully encoded 0s and 1s blessed my eyes👀

I had discovered a way to communicate with machines and thus began my quest to quench my thirst for knowledge🗣

At the age of 16, I combined my love for food and programming to create my very own version of KFC's food ordering system. Finger-Lickin' Good🍗

Growing up watching Sci-Fi movies, I developed a fascination for artificial intelligence and the power of automation👓

Soon enough, development boards became my buddies as my room converted into a mini-laboratory🧪

Currently, I lead as the Technical Head of my college, build innovative projects using cutting-edge technologies, and developing efficient solutions to potential problems👨🏻‍🎓

Wanna Connect? I'd love to interact with you. 🤗